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Bicyclette is teaming up with Saint Spore to bring some brand new tasty fermented products to our lineup in shop and online!

Saint Spore is a Toronto-based startup blending fermentation and mycology to make delicious healthy treats. By carefully fine-tuning the delicate balance of flavour and function in each and everyone of our small batch fermentations, we've come up with our own refreshing takes on well-established fermented or inoculated foods and beverages like kombucha and koji. 







Jun tea, also known as jun kombucha or simply jun is a lightly fermented, probiotic, living beverage with one noticeable difference from traditional kombucha. Instead of being brewed with black tea and sugar, jun cultures (known as SCOBY - symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast) like to feed on green tea and honey. The resulting product is a much smoother, tastier drink often referred to as the "Champagne of kombuchas".

Not exactly thrilled with the current vinegary flavour landscape of supermarket shelf kombuchas and probiotic sodas, Saint Spore has set out to rethink what health beverages should taste like. 

By going beyond the limits of what was thought to be possible with SCOBY-based ferments - expertly manipulating base ingredients, time and temperature, we fine tune each and every one of our fermentations so as to make them as delicious and refreshing as can be. Our jun does not taste like your average kombucha. Our jun tea is light, very bubbly, with a hint of sweetness and a delicate sour finish. 


We don't limit ourselves to using just green tea. Over the years we

have successfully cultured jun on a variety of base ingredients such as yerba mate, raspberry leaf and a plethora of herbs and spices. 

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