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Sensations of ripe and fresh fruit at the same time! Splendid sunny aromas and exceptional drinkability, achieved by a majority of Syrah and a pinch of Grenache for a red with very light color.

After leaving the Czech Republic and meeting many people (Winery Hauvette, Yann Rohel and Gérald Oustric), Andréa Calek stopped in the Ardèche in 2007 to take the plunge into making his own natural wine. If some consider Andréa Calek as a UFO, we can agree that he plays his role of rebel to perfection. And if he has his head in the clouds, he also keeps his feet firmly planted in the ground. Vinification without sulphur, respect for the terroir, search for freshness and drinkability, Andréa Calek's wines are a perfect and successful example of the natural "type": Syrah, Carignan, Grenache are pure grape juice, full of sensations.

À toi nous 2022, Andrea Calek, Ardèche, Syrah, Grenache

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