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“Rocinante” was the name John Steinbeck gave his RV in “Travels with Charley”. He borrowed the name from Don Quixote, whose horse bore the name and was essentially engaged in the same task as himself, foolishly, and much beyond their capacities. The creation of Rocinante was one spent on the road traveling between counties and at times felt similarly foolish. It's a reminder of the lengths gone to, to work with old trees in places far between one another. A blend of historic fruit from West Sonoma up to Mendocino, and across to Fort Bragg. King, Summer Banana, Baldwin, and Spitzenberg from a homestead east of Fort Bragg on the Noyo River. Wild seedling varieties from Mendocino, with York Imperial, Rhode Island Greening, Winesap, and Rome Beauty sourced from dry-farmed trees at Walker Family Farms. Macerated on skins for 2 days and aged in old barrels for over one year. By far one of the most vinous apple wines we’ve tasted to date. Still with a slight prickle of bubbles, this has depth and character we’ve rarely encountered in apples. Glorious weight on the palate and perfect balance between richness, liquidity, and acid. Shimmering and layered fruit, moving from golden pear to Riesling grape. Understandable, if

confused with aromatic Alsatian whites. Elevated and important in terms of what has been achieved with historic apples from old trees. A benchmark we think everyone should taste.

Bardos Cider, Rocinante, California - 500ml

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