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The Schmelzer family has been producing wines on the outskirts of Gols, Austria since 1968. The vine rows live amongst the pollinating bees, farm animals and vegetables, treated with gentle biodynamics, allowing intuition to be the driving inspiration. 17ha are dry-farmed with no use of pesticides or synthetic treatments. Below the gravel plains are silt and sand overtop of loam, all on underlying dolomite rock and limestone. All decisions are made following the biodynamic lunar calendar.


This litre bottle is super fresh and ready to quench your party thirst! With its lemony notes, bright acidity and a teensy fizz this one perfect little all-natural crowd-pleasing rosé. Notes of red currant, pomegranate and lime too, making it a taste of summer when the skies are grey!

Big Nature Rosé, Schmelzer's Weingut, Burgenland, Zweigelt, Cab. Sauvignon (1L)

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