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This Calvados comes from the blend of three Calvados aged two to three years from three different producers, located on three distinct terroirs. It was only after many years of trial and error that 30&40 found the right balance for its Calvados Fine Bocage, which is in line with its other blends. An aromatic signature that meets the demanding triptych: fruity – natural – drinkable. The name was chosen to pay homage to the Norman bocage, a traditional and extensive agricultural model, rooted in sustainability and guarantor of biodiversity. An eco-system to which Calvados owes its quality, and which Calvados preserves, since the AOC Calvados obliges all producers to obtain, at least 35%, apples from so-called “apple orchards”. hautes-tiges”, the quintessential bocage tree. Thanks to the precise selection of fruits and ciders, as well as minimal aging in wood, this Calvados has preserved a unique floral, fruity and freshness that will remind Normans of young farm Calvados. For others, it will open the doors of the distilleries of the bocage, when they drink it neat as a digestive, with a tonic or in a cocktail.

Bocage Fine Calvados, 30&40, AOC Calvados, Normandy

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